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UaLiteralOperand Class Reference

OPC UA LiteralOperand used in ContentFilterElement. More...

#include <uacontentfilter.h>

Inherits UaFilterOperand.

Public Member Functions

 UaLiteralOperand ()
 Constructs an empty literal filter operand object.
virtual ~UaLiteralOperand ()
 Destroys the literal filter operand object.
UaFilterOperand::FilterOperandType getFilterOperandType () const
 Returns the filter operand type Literal.
void setLiteralValue (const UaVariant &value)
 Sets the literal value. More...
UaVariant literalValue () const
 Returns the literal value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from UaFilterOperand
 UaFilterOperand ()
 Constructs an empty filter operand object.
virtual ~UaFilterOperand ()
 Destroys the filter operand object.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from UaFilterOperand
enum  FilterOperandType { Element, Literal, SimpleAttribute }
 FilterOperandType enumeration. More...

Detailed Description

OPC UA LiteralOperand used in ContentFilterElement.

This class is used to build and hold an OPC UA LiteralOperand used in the UaContentFilterElement. This class is concrete implementation of the abstract UaFilterOperand. It contains a literal value used in a filter.

Member Function Documentation

void UaLiteralOperand::setLiteralValue ( const UaVariant value)

Sets the literal value.

[in]valuethe value of the literal value

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