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UaFilterOperand Class Referenceabstract

OPC UA FilterOperand used in ContentFilterElement. More...

#include <uacontentfilter.h>

Inherited by UaElementOperand, UaLiteralOperand, and UaSimpleAttributeOperand.

Public Types

enum  FilterOperandType { Element, Literal, SimpleAttribute }
 FilterOperandType enumeration. More...

Public Member Functions

 UaFilterOperand ()
 Constructs an empty filter operand object.
virtual ~UaFilterOperand ()
 Destroys the filter operand object.
virtual FilterOperandType getFilterOperandType () const =0
 Returns the filter operand type. More...

Detailed Description

OPC UA FilterOperand used in ContentFilterElement.

This class is used to build and hold an OPC UA FilterOperand used in the UaContentFilterElement. This abstract class can not be used directly. The three concrete classes UaElementOperand, UaLiteralOperand and UaSimpleAttributeOperand can be used. The content filter elements and the element filter operands (UaElementOperand) can be used to build a filter hierarchy.

Member Enumeration Documentation

FilterOperandType enumeration.


Contains a content filter element. This type is use to build a logic tree of subelements by linking the operand of one element to a sub-element


Specifies a literal value


Specifies any attribute of an object or variable node using a TypeDefinition and a relative path constructed from BrowseNames.

Member Function Documentation

virtual FilterOperandType UaFilterOperand::getFilterOperandType ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the filter operand type.

Possible values are:

  • Element
  • Literal
  • SimpleAttribute
    The filter operand type

Implemented in UaSimpleAttributeOperand, UaLiteralOperand, and UaElementOperand.

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