C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
UaCallContext Class Reference

UaCallContext. More...

#include <uatransactionmanager.h>

Inherits UaTMBaseContext, and MethodManagerCallback.

Public Member Functions

 UaCallContext ()
virtual ~UaCallContext ()
UaStatus finishCall (OpcUa_UInt32 callbackHandle, UaStatusCodeArray &inputArgumentResults, UaDiagnosticInfos &inputArgumentDiag, UaVariantArray &outputArguments, UaStatus &statusCode)
 Finish a Call. More...
void sendResponse ()
 Start service handling. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from UaTMBaseContext
 UaTMBaseContext ()
virtual ~UaTMBaseContext ()
void execute ()
 Execute operation. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MethodManagerCallback
 MethodManagerCallback ()
virtual ~MethodManagerCallback ()

Public Attributes

UaCallMethodResults m_arUaCallMethodResults
std::map< UaString, OpcUa_Int32 > m_mapStringTable
 The string table for the ResponseHeader holding the strings for diagnostics.

Detailed Description


UaCallContext Class. Derived from UaTMBaseContext and MethodManagerCallback. It is not possible to create shallow copies of this class.

Member Function Documentation

UaStatus UaCallContext::finishCall ( OpcUa_UInt32  callbackHandle,
UaStatusCodeArray inputArgumentResults,
UaDiagnosticInfos inputArgumentDiag,
UaVariantArray outputArguments,
UaStatus statusCode 

Finish a Call.

callbackHandleHandle for the node in the callback. This handle was passed in to the MethodManager with the beginCall method.
inputArgumentResultsthe Result of the actual input Argument.
inputArgumentDiaginput arguments for diagnostic information.
outputArgumentsthe actual output Argument
statusCodeResult of the finishCall operation.
Error code

Implements MethodManagerCallback.

void UaCallContext::sendResponse ( )

Start service handling.

Implements UaTMBaseContext.

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