C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
MethodManagerCallback Class Referenceabstract

The corresponding callback interface for the MethodManager. More...

#include <methodmanager.h>

Inherited by TransactionContextCall, and UaCallContext.

Public Member Functions

 MethodManagerCallback ()
virtual ~MethodManagerCallback ()
virtual UaStatus finishCall (OpcUa_UInt32 callbackHandle, UaStatusCodeArray &inputArgumentResults, UaDiagnosticInfos &inputArgumentDiag, UaVariantArray &outputArguments, UaStatus &statusCode)=0
 Finishes a call to a method of an UA object. More...

Detailed Description

The corresponding callback interface for the MethodManager.

This callback interface provides the corresponding callback methods for the begin method in the MethodManager interface.

Member Function Documentation

virtual UaStatus MethodManagerCallback::finishCall ( OpcUa_UInt32  callbackHandle,
UaStatusCodeArray inputArgumentResults,
UaDiagnosticInfos inputArgumentDiag,
UaVariantArray outputArguments,
UaStatus statusCode 
pure virtual

Finishes a call to a method of an UA object.

callbackHandleHandle for the node in the callback. This handle was passed in to the MethodManager with the beginCall method.
inputArgumentResultsthe Result of the actual input Argument. The result array is only filled if the overall result of the method call operation is BadInvalidArgument. In this case the result array must have the same length like the input argument array.
inputArgumentDiagthe actual input Argument.
outputArgumentsthe actual output Argument.
statusCodeResult of the method call operation.
Error code

Implemented in UaCallContext.

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