C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
UaTMBaseContext Class Referenceabstract

UaTMBaseContext. More...

#include <uatransactionmanager.h>

Inherits UaThreadPoolJob.

Inherited by UaBrowseContext, UaBrowseNextContext, UaCallContext, UaHistoryReadContext, UaHistoryUpdateContext, UaQueryContext, UaReadContext, UaTranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIdsContext, and UaWriteContext.

Public Member Functions

 UaTMBaseContext ()
virtual ~UaTMBaseContext ()
void execute ()
 Execute operation. More...
virtual void sendResponse ()=0
 Send response for the service. More...

Detailed Description


UaTMBaseContext Class. Derived from UaThreadPoolJob. It is not possible to create shallow copies of this class.

Member Function Documentation

void UaTMBaseContext::execute ( )

Execute operation.

Implements UaThreadPoolJob.

virtual void UaTMBaseContext::sendResponse ( )
pure virtual

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