C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
UaUserIdentityTokenCertificate Class Reference

Class representing a Certificate user identity token. More...

#include <uauseridentitytoken.h>

Inherits UaUserIdentityToken.

Public Member Functions

 UaUserIdentityTokenCertificate ()
 Constructs a user identity token object of the type Certificate.
virtual ~UaUserIdentityTokenCertificate ()
 Destroys the Certificate user identity token object.
OpcUa_UserTokenType getTokenType () const
 Returns the user identity token type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from UaUserIdentityToken
 UaUserIdentityToken ()
 Constructs a user identity token object.
virtual ~UaUserIdentityToken ()
 Destroys the user identity token object.

Public Attributes

UaByteString userCertificateData
 User certificate data.
UaByteString userPrivateKey
 User private key.

Detailed Description

Class representing a Certificate user identity token.

The class is derived from UaUserIdentityToken and is used if certificate based user identity is provided.

Member Function Documentation

OpcUa_UserTokenType UaUserIdentityTokenCertificate::getTokenType ( ) const

Returns the user identity token type.

Possible values are:

  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_Anonymous
  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_UserName
  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_Certificate
  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_IssuedToken
    The function on the class UaUserIdentityTokenUserPassword returns OpcUa_UserTokenType_Certificate

Implements UaUserIdentityToken.

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