C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
UaUserIdentityTokenAnonymous Class Reference

Class representing an anonymous user identity token. More...

#include <uauseridentitytoken.h>

Inherits UaUserIdentityToken.

Public Member Functions

 UaUserIdentityTokenAnonymous ()
 Constructs a user identity token object of the type Anonymous.
virtual ~UaUserIdentityTokenAnonymous ()
 Destroys the anonymous user identity token object.
OpcUa_UserTokenType getTokenType () const
 Returns the user identity token type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from UaUserIdentityToken
 UaUserIdentityToken ()
 Constructs a user identity token object.
virtual ~UaUserIdentityToken ()
 Destroys the user identity token object.

Detailed Description

Class representing an anonymous user identity token.

The class is derived from UaUserIdentityToken and is the default user settings if no specific user identity is provided.

Member Function Documentation

OpcUa_UserTokenType UaUserIdentityTokenAnonymous::getTokenType ( ) const

Returns the user identity token type.

Possible values are:

  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_Anonymous
  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_UserName
  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_Certificate
  • OpcUa_UserTokenType_IssuedToken
    The function on the class UaUserIdentityTokenAnonymous returns OpcUa_UserTokenType_Anonymous

Implements UaUserIdentityToken.

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