C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
IOVariableCallback Class Referenceabstract

The callback interface for data monitored items. More...

#include <iomanager.h>

Inherited by PubSubServer::DataSetCollectorDataItem, and UaMonitoredItemData.

Public Member Functions

 IOVariableCallback ()
virtual ~IOVariableCallback ()
virtual void dataChange (const UaDataValue &dataValue, bool changeCheckExecuted=false)=0
 Send changed data. More...
virtual UaDataValue getLastValue ()=0
 Get last value send with dataChange.
virtual OpcUa_Int32 getRemainingQueueSize ()
 Get the number of free slots in the queue If no queue is provided, the return value is -1.

Detailed Description

The callback interface for data monitored items.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void IOVariableCallback::dataChange ( const UaDataValue dataValue,
bool  changeCheckExecuted = false 
pure virtual

Send changed data.

dataValueContains the value, timestamps and result code for the changed data
changeCheckExecutedOptional flag indicating if the caller has already checked for value change

Implemented in UaMonitoredItemDataDurable, UaMonitoredItemData, and PubSubServer::DataSetCollectorDataItem.

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