ANSI C Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK


OpcUa_Boolean UaServer_IsSubReference (OpcUa_Reference *a_pReference, OpcUa_NodeId *a_pBaseReferenceId)
 Is a_pReference a subreference of a_pBaseReferenceId? More...
OpcUa_StatusCode UaServer_BrowseComplete (UaServer_ProviderBrowseContext *a_pBrowseContext)
 Called by the provider to signal that he finished handling the Browse call. More...
OpcUa_StatusCode UaServer_Browse_BrowseNode (OpcUa_BaseNode *a_pSourceNode, OpcUa_NodeId *a_pReferenceType, OpcUa_BrowseDirection a_Direction, OpcUa_Boolean a_bIncludeSubtypes, OpcUa_UInt32 a_uNodeClassMask, OpcUa_BrowseResultMask a_ResultMask, OpcUa_Boolean a_bCountOnly, OpcUa_ReferenceDescription *a_pReferenceDescriptions, OpcUa_UInt32 *a_pNumberOfReferenceDescriptions, OpcUa_UInt32 *a_pStartReference, OpcUa_Handle a_userIdentityData)
 Browse a OpcUa_BaseNode. More...
OpcUa_StatusCode UaServer_BrowseInternal (OpcUa_BaseNode *a_pNode, UaServer_ProviderBrowseContext *a_pBrowseContext, OpcUa_Int32 a_iNodeIndex)
 Called by a provider to let the SDK handle the browse call. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

OpcUa_StatusCode UaServer_Browse_BrowseNode ( OpcUa_BaseNode *  a_pSourceNode,
OpcUa_NodeId a_pReferenceType,
OpcUa_BrowseDirection  a_Direction,
OpcUa_Boolean  a_bIncludeSubtypes,
OpcUa_UInt32  a_uNodeClassMask,
OpcUa_BrowseResultMask  a_ResultMask,
OpcUa_Boolean  a_bCountOnly,
OpcUa_ReferenceDescription a_pReferenceDescriptions,
OpcUa_UInt32 *  a_pNumberOfReferenceDescriptions,
OpcUa_UInt32 *  a_pStartReference,
OpcUa_Handle  a_userIdentityData 

Browse a OpcUa_BaseNode.

[in]a_pSourceNodeThe node to browse
[in]a_pReferenceTypeThe ReferenceType to follow
[in]a_DirectionThe browse direction
[in]a_bIncludeSubtypesInclude subtypes of the given ReferenceType
[in]a_uNodeClassMaskThe node classes to include in the result
[in]a_ResultMaskThe information to return in the result
[in]a_bCountOnlyOnly count the number of references
[out]a_pReferenceDescriptionsThe resulting references
[in,out]a_pNumberOfReferenceDescriptionsThe maximum number of references to return, will be set to the actual number of references in a_pReferenceDescriptions
[in,out]a_pStartReferenceThe index of the last used reference, used for BrowseNext to continue at the last position
[in]a_userIdentityDataPointer to UaServer_UserCtx identifying the user
the OPC UA Status code.
OpcUa_StatusCode UaServer_BrowseComplete ( UaServer_ProviderBrowseContext a_pBrowseContext)

Called by the provider to signal that he finished handling the Browse call.

This function is thread-safe.
a_pBrowseContextThe processed BrowseContext.
Always returns OpcUa_Good.
OpcUa_StatusCode UaServer_BrowseInternal ( OpcUa_BaseNode *  a_pNode,
UaServer_ProviderBrowseContext a_pBrowseContext,
OpcUa_Int32  a_iNodeIndex 

Called by a provider to let the SDK handle the browse call.

[in]a_pNodeThe node to browse
[in]a_pBrowseContextBrowse context for the first browse or the following browse with continuation point.
[in]a_iNodeIndexThe index of the node to browse from the list of the request
the OPC UA Status code.
OpcUa_Boolean UaServer_IsSubReference ( OpcUa_Reference a_pReference,
OpcUa_NodeId a_pBaseReferenceId 

Is a_pReference a subreference of a_pBaseReferenceId?

a_pReferenceThe reference to check.
a_pBaseReferenceIdThe base reference.
OpcUa_True if it is a subreference, OpcUa_False if not.