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OpcUa_PublishResponse Struct Reference

Response to a OpcUa_PublishRequest. More...

#include <opcua_types.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_UInt32 SubscriptionId
 The Server-assigned identifier for the Subscription for which notifications are being returned. More...
OpcUa_UInt32 * AvailableSequenceNumbers
 A list of sequence number ranges that identify unacknowledged NotificationMessages that are available for retransmission from the Subscription’s retransmission queue. More...
OpcUa_Boolean MoreNotifications
 A Boolean parameter indicating whether all avalaible notifications could be included in a single response. More...
OpcUa_NotificationMessage NotificationMessage
 The NotificationMessage that contains the list of Notifications.
OpcUa_StatusCode * Results
 List of results for the acknowledgements. More...
OpcUa_DiagnosticInfo * DiagnosticInfos
 List of diagnostic information for the acknowledgements. More...

Detailed Description

Response to a OpcUa_PublishRequest.

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