.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
Getting Started

The following pages contain examples for implementing commonly used features of an OPC UA Client. You can access these examples by choosing “UA Getting Started” from the start menu.

The Getting Started examples need an OPC UA server to work. By default, the Unified Automation .NET OPC UA Demoserver is used, which is installed during the set-up procedure. It is necessary to start the server manually before starting “UA Getting Started”. To use a different OPC UA Server, press the button “Change Default Server”.


The individual examples are arranged into three groups: Connection, Session and Subscription. Click on the corresponding button to reach the individual examples.

The samples are designed to demonstrate the most commonly used features. Each one is fully functional. You can use the corresponding source code as a template for your own projects. The complete Visual Studio project for the Getting Started examples is part of the installation, you can reach it via the start menu. You should also have a look at the documentation for each individual sample. There, you can not only find a description of the functionality, but it also contains explanations of the most relevant code snippets, which you can copy and paste into your own projects.


Each of the examples contains a short description at the top of the window. On pressing the button “Show Code” the corresponding source file will open. Press the button “Help” to show the documentation for the example.