.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
Basic Client

The Basic Client is an example for a minimal OPC UA Client developed using the Unified Automation OPC UA Client SDK .NET.

The following image shows the OPC UA Basic Client. It is able to connect to an OPC UA Server and read, write and monitor two variables.


Enter the String Identifiers of the NodeIDs of the two variables into the input fields below “Variable Identifier”, the URL of the OPC UA Server at “OPC UA Server URL” and the namespace used for the Variables at “Used Namespace URI”. Click on “Connect” to connect to the server.

When the connection is established, the input fields left to the connect button are grayed out and the button text changes to “Disconnect”, and the Read, Write and Monitor Buttons become active. Note that you get an error messages when pressing the buttons “Write Synchronous” or “Write Asynchronous” while at least one of the “Write Value” input fields is empty.

The button “Read Synchronous” calls the function “Read”, the button “Read Asynchronous” the function “BeginRead”, the button “Write Synchronous” the function “Write”, the button “Write Asynchronous” the function “BeginWrite”.