.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.IQueryManager Interface Reference

An interface to an object that manages query operations. More...

Public Member Functions

StatusCode BeginQuery (RequestContext context, QueryContinuationPoint continuationPoint, bool releaseContinuationPoint, QueryCompletedEventHandler callback, object callbackData)
 Begins a query operation. More...

Detailed Description

An interface to an object that manages query operations.

Member Function Documentation

StatusCode UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.IQueryManager.BeginQuery ( RequestContext  context,
QueryContinuationPoint  continuationPoint,
bool  releaseContinuationPoint,
QueryCompletedEventHandler  callback,
object  callbackData 

Begins a query operation.

contextThe request context.
continuationPointThe continuation point.
releaseContinuationPointif set to true then call is to release the continuation point.
callbackThe callback.
callbackDataThe callback data.
Good if successful; An error code otherwise.

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