.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ISecureChannel Interface Reference


Inherits IDisposable.

Inherited by UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.DefaultSecureChannel.

Public Member Functions

ArraySegment< byte > CreateReverseHello (string serverUri, string endpointUrl)
ReverseConnectData ProcessReverseHello (ArraySegment< byte > request)
ArraySegment< byte > CreateHello (string endpointUrl, MessageSecurityMode securityMode=MessageSecurityMode.None, string securityProfileUri=null, ICertificate remoteCertificate=null)
ArraySegment< byte > ProcessHello (ArraySegment< byte > request)
void ProcessAcknowledge (ArraySegment< byte > request)
ArraySegment< byte > CreateErrorResponse (uint errorCode, string reason)
BufferCollection CreateServiceFault (ArraySegment< byte > message, StatusCode error)
StatusCode ProcessErrorResponse (ArraySegment< byte > request)
ArraySegment< byte > CreateOpenSecureChannelRequest (SecurityTokenRequestType requestType)
ArraySegment< byte > ProcessOpenSecureChannelRequest (ArraySegment< byte > request)
void ProcessOpenSecureChannelResponse (ArraySegment< byte > request)
BufferCollection CreateRequest (IServiceRequest request, out uint requestId)
ProcessRequestData ProcessRequest (ArraySegment< byte > request)
BufferCollection CreateResponse (uint requestId, IServiceRequest request, IServiceResponse response)
ProcessResponseData ProcessResponse (ArraySegment< byte > request)
ArraySegment< byte > CreateCloseRequest ()
void ProcessCloseRequest (ArraySegment< byte > request)


ISecurityProvider SecurityProvider [get]
SecureChannelSettings Settings [get]
ICryptoProvider CryptoProvider [get]
uint MaxOutgoingBufferSize [get]
uint MaxIncomingBufferSize [get]
uint MaxOutgoingMessageSize [get]
uint MaxOutgoingChunkCount [get]
uint SecureChannelLifetime [get]
bool ServerSide [get]
Uri EndpointUrl [get]
MessageSecurityMode SecurityMode [get]
string SecurityProfileUri [get]
bool DiscoveryOnly [get]
ICertificate RemoteCertificate [get]
ICertificate LocalCertificate [get]
uint SecureChannelId [get]
uint CurrentTokenId [get]
DateTime TokenCreationTime [get]
uint TokenLifetime [get]
uint PreviousTokenId [get]
uint LocalSequenceNumber [get]
uint RemoteSequenceNumber [get]
uint RemoteRequestId [get]
bool SecurityDisabled [get]
byte[] ClientNonce [get]
byte[] ServerNonce [get]
object UserData [get, set]

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