.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
Preparing Instance Creation

At first, the generated file BAIdentifiers.cs has to be added to the project. If you didn’t use UaModeler to create the model and generate code, you have to write such a file yourself (see example code).

The next step is to create properties for namespace indexes (type and instance namespace) as shown below.

internal class Lesson02NodeManager : BaseNodeManager
public ushort InstanceNamespaceIndex { get; set; }
public ushort TypeNamespaceIndex { get; set; }

In Startup(), we assign instance and type namespaces to the NodeManager and store namespace indices in properties.

public override void Startup()
Console.WriteLine("Starting Lesson02NodeManager.");
// Assign namespaces for type and instance nodes to this NodeManager
// Get namespace index for the namespaces
TypeNamespaceIndex = AddNamespaceUri(yourorganisation.BA.Namespaces.BA);
InstanceNamespaceIndex = AddNamespaceUri("http://yourorganisation.com/lesson02/");

Last step: Creating Instances