.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.SessionSettings Class Reference



uint MaxRequestAge [get, set]
uint MaxSessionCount [get, set]
uint MinSessionTimeout [get, set]
uint MaxSessionTimeout [get, set]
uint MaxBrowseContinuationPoints [get, set]
uint MaxHistoryContinuationPoints [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerRead [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerWrite [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerHistoryDataRead [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerHistoryDataUpdate [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerHistoryEventRead [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerHistoryEventUpdate [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerMethodCall [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerBrowse [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerRegisterNodes [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerTranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIds [get, set]
uint MaxNodesPerNodeManagement [get, set]
uint MaxMonitoredItemsPerCall [get, set]
uint MinNonceLength [get, set]
bool DisableNonceLengthCheck [get, set]
uint MaxHistoryDataValuesPerRead [get, set]
uint MaxHistoryEventsPerRead [get, set]
uint MaxQueryContinuationPoints [get, set]

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