.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.ServerSettings Class Reference



string ProductUri [get, set]
string ProductName [get, set]
string ManufacturerName [get, set]
string SoftwareVersion [get, set]
string BuildNumber [get, set]
System.DateTime BuildDate [get, set]
bool BuildDateSpecified [get, set]
bool IsAuditActivated [get, set]
string[] AvailableLocaleIds [get, set]
string[] AvailableServerProfiles [get, set]
UserIdentitySettings UserIdentity [get, set]
DiscoveryRegistrationSettings DiscoveryRegistration [get, set]
string[] Capabilities [get, set]
bool DisableUseLeafCertificateOnlyForSignature [get, set]
bool DisableUseLeafCertificateOnlyForSignatureSpecified [get, set]
bool AllowDepreciatedPolicies [get, set]
uint[] SupportedPollingIntervals [get, set]

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