.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.DefaultCertificateStore Class Reference


Inherits UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ICertificateStore.

Public Member Functions

 DefaultCertificateStore (ISecurityProvider provider, CertificateStoreSettings settings)
void Dispose ()
ICertificate Find (string thumbprint, bool needPrivateKey=false)
ICertificate Find (string subjectName, string thumbprint, bool needPrivateKey=false, string privateKeyPassword=null)
void Add (ICertificate certificate, bool replaceExisting=true, bool savePrivateKey=false, string privateKeyPassword=null)
void Remove (string thumbprint)
StatusCode IsRevoked (ICertificate issuer, ICertificate certificate)
string GetPrivateKeyFilePath (string thumbprint)
IEnumerator< ICertificateGetEnumerator ()
ICertificateRevocationList ParseCRL (byte[] derData)
IList< ICertificateRevocationListGetCRLs (ICertificate issuer=null)
void AddCRLs (IList< ICertificateRevocationList > crls, bool deleteExisting=false)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Dispose (bool disposing)


ISecurityProvider SecurityProvider [get]
CertificateStoreSettings Settings [get]
string StoreType [get]
string StorePath [get]
CertificateValidationOptions ValidationOptions [get]
- Properties inherited from UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ICertificateStore
string StoreType [get]
 Gets the store type. More...
string StorePath [get]
 Gets the store path. More...
CertificateValidationOptions ValidationOptions [get]
 Gets or sets the validation options. More...

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