.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.InstallationSettings Class Reference



bool GenerateCertificateIfNone [get, set]
ushort CertificateKeyLength [get, set]
string CertificateHashAlgorithm [get, set]
bool DeleteCertificateOnUninstall [get, set]
bool ConfigureFirewall [get, set]
bool ConfigureHttpAccess [get, set]
bool InstallAsService [get, set]
string ServiceName [get, set]
string ServiceDescription [get, set]
ServiceStartMode ServiceStartMode [get, set]
string UsersGroup [get, set]
string AdministratorsGroup [get, set]
bool DisableSetFilePermissions [get, set]
bool DisableLdsCertificateExchange [get, set]
string LdsTrustedCertificateStore [get, set]
string LdsApplicationCertificateFile [get, set]

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