.NET Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes Class Reference

The base attributes for all nodes. More...

Inherits UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.IEncodeable.

Inherited by UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.DataTypeAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.GenericAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.MethodAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ObjectAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ObjectTypeAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ReferenceTypeAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.VariableAttributes, UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.VariableTypeAttributes, and UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.ViewAttributes.

Public Member Functions

 NodeAttributes ()
 The default constructor. More...
virtual void Encode (IEncoder encoder)
virtual void Decode (IDecoder decoder)
virtual bool IsEqual (IEncodeable encodeable)
 Checks if encodeable is the same object or has the same content More...
virtual object Clone ()


uint SpecifiedAttributes [get, set]
LocalizedText DisplayName [get, set]
LocalizedText Description [get, set]
uint WriteMask [get, set]
uint UserWriteMask [get, set]
virtual ExpandedNodeId TypeId [get]
virtual ExpandedNodeId BinaryEncodingId [get]
virtual ExpandedNodeId XmlEncodingId [get]
- Properties inherited from UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.IEncodeable
ExpandedNodeId TypeId [get]
 Returns the UA type identifier for the encodable type. More...
ExpandedNodeId BinaryEncodingId [get]
 Returns the UA type identifier for the default binary encoding for the type. More...
ExpandedNodeId XmlEncodingId [get]
 Returns the UA type identifier for the default XML encoding for the type. More...

Detailed Description

The base attributes for all nodes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes.NodeAttributes ( )

The default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

Property Documentation

LocalizedText UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes.Description

LocalizedText UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes.DisplayName

uint UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes.SpecifiedAttributes

uint UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes.UserWriteMask

uint UnifiedAutomation.UaBase.NodeAttributes.WriteMask

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