UA Bundle SDK .NET
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oSoftware Requirements
oLicensing the SDK
oDeploying the final application
oOPC Introduction
|oIntroduction to Classic OPC
|oMotivation for OPC UA
|oIntroduction to OPC UA
|oOPC UA Specifications
|\OPC UA Software Layers
oOPC UA Fundamentals
|oAddress Space Concepts
|\OPC UA Node Classes
oBase Library Overview
|oApplication Instance
|oConfiguration Schema
|oInstallation Process
|\Certificate Validation
oServer SDK Overview
|oSDK Layer
oClient SDK Overview
oTutorials for Server development
|oCreating an Empty Visual Studio Server Project
|oGetting Started
||oLesson 1: Setting up a basic OPC UA server console application
||oLesson 2: Extending the Address Space with real world data
|||oUsing UaModeler for model design and code generation
|||oIntegrating the Model into an Empty Server
|||oPreparing Instance Creation
|||\Creating Instances
||oLesson 3: Connecting the nodes to real time data
||oLesson 4: Adding support for Methods
||oLesson 5: Adding support for Events
||oLesson 6: Adding support for Alarms & Conditions
||\Lesson 7: Adding support for Historical Access for Data
|\Ua Demo Server Example
\Tutorials for Client development
 oCreate an Empty Visual Studio Client Project
 oBasic Client
 oGetting Started
 |oDiscovery – Find Servers
 |oDiscovery – Get Endpoints
 |oCertificate Management – Create Certificate
 |oCertificate Management – Trust Server Certificate
 |oConnect – Simple Connect
 |oConnect – Advanced Connect
 |oRead – Basic Read
 |oRead – Read Attribute
 |oRead – Read With Index Range
 |oRead – Read With Data Encoding
 |oWrite – Basic Write
 |oCall – Call Method
 |oBrowse/Translate – Browse
 |oBrowse/Translate – Translate Browse Paths
 |oHistory Read – History Read Raw
 |oHistory Read – History Read Processed
 |oHistory Read – History Read Events
 |oManage Subscription – Create Subscription
 |oManage Subscription – Modify Subscription
 |oManage Subscription – Delete Subscription
 |oData Monitored Items – Create Data Monitored Items
 |oData Monitored Items – Modify Data Monitored Items
 |oEvent Monitored Items – Create Event Monitored Items
 |oEvent Monitored Items – Modify Event Monitored Items
 |oMonitored Items – Delete Monitored Items
 |\Monitored Items – Set Monitoring Mode
 \Full Client