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UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.IHistoryReadEventManager Interface Reference

An interface to an object that allows reading of historical events. More...

Inherited by UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.BaseNodeManager.

Public Member Functions

StatusCode BeginHistoryReadEventTransaction (RequestContext context, uint totalItemCountHint, TransactionType transactionType, ReadEventDetails details, Delegate callback, object callbackData, out HistoryEventTransactionHandle handle)
 Begins the event history transaction. More...
void FinishHistoryReadEventTransaction (HistoryEventTransactionHandle transaction)
 Finishes the event history transaction. More...
StatusCode BeginHistoryReadEvent (HistoryEventOperationHandle operationHandle, HistoryReadValueId notifierToRead)
 Begins an operation to read historical events. More...

Detailed Description

An interface to an object that allows reading of historical events.

Member Function Documentation

StatusCode UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.IHistoryReadEventManager.BeginHistoryReadEvent ( HistoryEventOperationHandle  operationHandle,
HistoryReadValueId  notifierToRead 

Begins an operation to read historical events.

operationHandleThe operation handle.
notifierToReadThe notifier to read.
Good if successful; Otherwise an error code.

If this method returns Good the callback passed to BeginHistoryReadEventTransaction must be called when the operation completes.

Implemented in UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.BaseNodeManager.

StatusCode UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.IHistoryReadEventManager.BeginHistoryReadEventTransaction ( RequestContext  context,
uint  totalItemCountHint,
TransactionType  transactionType,
ReadEventDetails  details,
Delegate  callback,
object  callbackData,
out HistoryEventTransactionHandle  handle 

Begins the event history transaction.

contextThe request context.
totalItemCountHintThe total item count hint.
transactionTypeType of the transaction.
detailsThe details.
callbackThe callback.
callbackDataThe callback data.
handleThe historical event transaction handle.
Good if the transaction could be created, an error code otherwise.

Implemented in UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.BaseNodeManager.

void UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.IHistoryReadEventManager.FinishHistoryReadEventTransaction ( HistoryEventTransactionHandle  transaction)

Finishes the event history transaction.

transactionThe transaction.

Implemented in UnifiedAutomation.UaServer.BaseNodeManager.

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