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UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.UAView Class Reference


Inherits UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.UAInstance.


bool ContainsNoLoops [get, set]
byte EventNotifier [get, set]
- Properties inherited from UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.UAInstance
string ParentNodeId [get, set]
- Properties inherited from UnifiedAutomation.UaSchema.UANode
LocalizedText[] DisplayName [get, set]
LocalizedText[] Description [get, set]
Reference[] References [get, set]
System.Xml.XmlElement[] Extensions [get, set]
string NodeId [get, set]
string BrowseName [get, set]
uint WriteMask [get, set]
uint UserWriteMask [get, set]
string SymbolicName [get, set]

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