High Performance OPC UA Server SDK
Here is a list of all modules:
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 memory_layoutFunctions for managing the memory layout
 mempoolDynamic memory allocator inspired by Doug Lea
 objectpoolAllocator for fixed size memory chunks
 Operation Control FlagsBitmask values used by ua_socket_op
 Operation Initialization
 pkiPublic Key Infrastructure
 pki_storeStore certificates, CRLs and private keys in backend specific locations
 platformAbstraction layer for different platforms
 guidPlatform level guid abstraction
 hostnameFunctionality for retrieving local hostname information
 memoryWrapper for common memory operations
 mutexMutex that can be locked and unlocked for mutual exclusion of different processes
 platformGeneral platform specfic defines and initialization/cleanup for platform layer
 processFunctionality for starting and stopping processes
 semaphoreSemaphore for managing shared resources
 shutdownFunctionality for server shutdown and configuration reload
 timeRetrieve current time in different formats and sleep
 timerIf timers are updated the elapsed time between their due time and the time they were actually updated is not considered
 traceWriting trace messages
 uaapplicationUA Application context
 uabaseDatatypes for OPC UA
 enumsEnumerations that are defined by OPC UA
 servicesServices that are defined by OPC UA
 structuresStructures that are defined by OPC UA
 ua_accesslevelPossible values for the accesslevel attribute of variable nodes
 ua_baseGeneral base library functionality
 ua_buffer_mgtBuffer management
 ua_datetimeThis Built-in DataType defines a Gregorian calendar date
 ua_dictProvides structs to describe UA datatypes and implements base functions based on these structs
 ua_extensionobjectA container for any structured DataTypes which cannot be represented as one of the other built-in data types
 ua_nodeidIdentifier for UA nodes
 ua_statuscodeA numerical value that is used to report the outcome of an operation performed by an OPC UA Server
 ua_type_tableManagement for builtin and custom structures registered at the encoder
 ua_valuerankPossible values for the valuerank attribute
 ua_variantA union of all built-in data types including an OpcUa_ExtensionObject
 internal_providerImplementation of service handler functions by the SDK
 addressspaceFunctions and definitions for addressspace operations and attribute handling
 authenticationInterface for implementing an authentication backend
 authorizationInterface for implementing an authorization backend
 valuestoreFunctions and definitions for using the valuestore infrastructure of the SDK
 utilUtilities for containers and conversions
 base64Base64 conversion
 bitmapBitmap datastructure
 hashtableA table for hashable objects
 hashtableqsA hashtable consisting of a table of indices to objects
 heapA binary tree based min/max heap aka priority queue
 listDouble linked list embedded in a static array
 mapProvides a dictionary which is based on a sorted list
 pointer_setArray of pointers with simple management functionality
 ringqueueA queue that is implemented as a ring buffer
 stringString utility functions
 strtointString to integer conversion
 urlUrl utility functions
 utctimeBroken-down time format for UTC time