C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server/PubSub SDK
Getting Started

The getting started lessons provide sample code for most common use cases.

The following lists give an overview on the learning targets covered by each lesson.

Lesson 1: Connect and Read

Lesson 2: Create DataMonitoredItem

Lesson 3: Browse, Read Configuration, and Write Values

  • Browse for nodes in the address space using UaSession::browse()
  • Receive browse results in multiple portions using UaSession::browseNext()
  • add a configuration object that provides connection parameters and NodeIds instead of using hard-coded configuration values
  • read namespace table after connect to set up namespaceindex for nodeIds from configuration object
  • write the value attribute of variables using UaSession::write()
  • enhance read method to use NodeIds from configuration object

Lesson 4: Discovery and Secure Connection

Lesson 5: Register Nodes and Reconnection Scenarios

  • call registerNodes to get optimised NodeIds and write values using the optimised NodeIds
  • read the list of items to monitor from configuration instead of using hard coded NodeIds
  • enhance subscription to automatically handle reconnection scenarios
  • show how to automatically update the registered NodeIds when a new session was created

Lesson 6: Create EventMonitoredItem

  • create a subscription with an event monitored item
  • receive event notifications via UaSubscriptionCallback::newEvents()
  • set an event filter for an event monitored item
  • call methods to trigger events on demoserver