C++ Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
Server Core Module


 Core Module Interfaces
 This module contains all interfaces for a system integration.
 Core Module Address Model Classes
 This module contains all class implementing a generic address space model.
 Core Module Interface Base Implementations
 This module contains all base class implementations of the Core Module interfaces operating on a generic node model.
 Core Module context and helper classes
 This module contains all C++ helper and context classes used in the Core Module.


class  CoreModule
 Interface class for the Unified Automation Server Core Module. More...

Detailed Description

This module contains all C++ classes for the Server Core Module

The class CoreModule is used for the integration of the Core Module into a server application.

Native SDK interfaces for System Integration

The following interfaces must be implemented by the system integration to be able to provide OPC UA functionality for the Standard Server Profile. The corresponding callback interfaces are used to deliver the results.

Using the generic address space model and base classes

The following classes can be used to create the address space in memory using a generic address space node model. The corresponing base classes for NodeManager and IOManager reduce the development effort a lot.