ANSI C Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK
Client SDK Overview

The Client SDK defines APIs which the application developer can use to communicate with an OPC UA Server.

The primary structures which the application developer works with are the following:

The UaClient_Discovery structure provides access to the discovery endpoint of either the Local Discovery Server (LDS) or another OPC UA Server. It allows applications to discover Servers and find the available endpoints.

A UaClient_Session represents a connection with a single Server. It maintains a list of active Subscriptions. It monitors the connection status, handles automatic reconnects, and informs the application about connection status changes.

A UaClient_Subscription represents an active Subscription with a Server. A Subscription is owned by a particular Session and will have one or more MonitoredItems. MonitoredItems are used to monitor data or events produced by individual nodes in the Server address space.

The client example sample_client provides a full client example and is a good starting point for the use of the Client SDK.

The following pages provide further information on the Client SDK: