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OpcUa_SessionSecurityDiagnosticsDataType Struct Reference

contains security-related diagnostic information about client sessions. More...

#include <opcua_types.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_NodeId SessionId
 Server-assigned identifier of the session.
OpcUa_String ClientUserIdOfSession
 Name of authenticated user when creating the session.
OpcUa_String * ClientUserIdHistory
 Array containing the name of the authenticated user currently active (either from creating the session or from calling the ActivateSession Service) and the history of those names. More...
OpcUa_String AuthenticationMechanism
 Type of authentication (user name and password, X.509, Kerberos).
OpcUa_String Encoding
 Which encoding is used on the wire, for example XML or UA Binary.
OpcUa_String TransportProtocol
 Which transport protocol is used, for example TCP or HTTP.
OpcUa_MessageSecurityMode SecurityMode
 The message security mode used for the session.
OpcUa_String SecurityPolicyUri
 The name of the security policy used for the session.
OpcUa_ByteString ClientCertificate
 The application instance certificate provided by the client in the CreateSession request.

Detailed Description

contains security-related diagnostic information about client sessions.

Because this information is security-related, it should not be made accessible to all users, but only to authorised users.

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