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OpcUa_ResponseHeader Struct Reference

Common parameters for all responses. More...

#include <opcua_types.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_DateTime Timestamp
 The time the Server sent the response.
OpcUa_UInt32 RequestHandle
 The requestHandle given by the Client to the request.
OpcUa_StatusCode ServiceResult
 OPC UA-defined result of the Service invocation.
OpcUa_DiagnosticInfo ServiceDiagnostics
 Diagnostic information for the Service invocation. More...
OpcUa_String * StringTable
 There is one string in this list for each unique namespace, symbolic identifier, and localized text string contained in all of the diagnostics information parameters contained in the response DiagnosticInfo. More...
OpcUa_ExtensionObject AdditionalHeader
 Reserved for future use. More...

Detailed Description

Common parameters for all responses.

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