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OpcUa_RelativePathElement Struct Reference

A sequence of References and BrowseNames to follow. More...

#include <opcua_types.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_NodeId ReferenceTypeId
 The type of reference to follow from the current node. More...
OpcUa_Boolean IsInverse
 Indicates whether the inverse Reference should be followed. More...
OpcUa_Boolean IncludeSubtypes
 Indicates whether subtypes of the ReferenceType should be followed. More...
OpcUa_QualifiedName TargetName
 The BrowseName of the target node. More...

Detailed Description

A sequence of References and BrowseNames to follow.

Each element in the sequence is processed by finding the targets and then using those targets as the starting nodes for the next element. The targets of the final element are the target of the RelativePath.

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