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OpcUa_ReadRequest Struct Reference

Reads values and attributes asynchronously from OPC server. More...

#include <opcua_types.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_Double MaxAge
 Maximum age of the value to be read in milliseconds. More...
OpcUa_TimestampsToReturn TimestampsToReturn
 An enumeration that specifies the Timestamps to be returned for each requested Variable Value Attribute. More...
 List of Nodes and their Attributes to read. More...

Detailed Description

Reads values and attributes asynchronously from OPC server.

The Read Service is used to read one or more attributes of one or more nodes. It allows also reading subsets or single elements of array values and to define a valid age of values to be returned to reduce the need for device reads. Like most other services, the read is optimized for bulk read operations and not for reading single Attribute values. Typically all Node Attributes are readable. For the Value Attribute the Read rights are indicated by the AccessLevel and UserAccessLevel Attribute of the Variable.

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