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OpcUa_ModifySubscriptionRequest Struct Reference

Asynchronous call to modify a Subscription. More...

#include <opcua_types.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_UInt32 SubscriptionId
 The Server-assigned identifier for the Subscription.
OpcUa_Double RequestedPublishingInterval
 This interval defines the cyclic rate that the Subscription is being requested to return Notifications to the Client. More...
OpcUa_UInt32 RequestedLifetimeCount
 The requested lifetime count. More...
OpcUa_UInt32 RequestedMaxKeepAliveCount
 Requested maximum keep-alive count. More...
OpcUa_UInt32 MaxNotificationsPerPublish
 The maximum number of notifications that the Client wishes to receive in a single Publish response. More...
OpcUa_Byte Priority
 Indicates the relative priority of the Subscription. More...

Detailed Description

Asynchronous call to modify a Subscription.

Illegal request values for parameters that can be revised do not generate errors. Instead the server will choose default values and indicate them in the corresponding revised parameter.

Changes to the Subscription settings shall be applied immediately by the Server. They take effect as soon as practical but not later than twice the new OpcUa_ModifySubscriptionResponse::RevisedPublishingInterval.

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