UaExpert  1.6.2 438
Installation and First Start-Up

Install Windows Version

To install UaExpert, extract the downloaded .zip file, double-click on the resulting installer .exe file and follow the instructions.

Remove Windows Version

To remove the Windows version of UaExpert choose the respective entry in the start menu.

Install Linux Version

The deb package can be installed with

sudo dpkg --i uaexpert-bin-debian7-x86_64-gccX.Y.Z-vA.B.C-LMN.deb

Use the following command to install the rpm package on CentOS:

sudo rpm -i uaexpert-bin-centos7-x86_64-gccX.Y.Z-vA.B.C-LMN.rpm

UaExpert can be installed on OpenSUSE as well, but it needs some adjustments due to different naming conventions. First we have to disable the dependency check when installing:

sudo rpm -i uaexpert-bin-centos7-x86_64-gccX.Y.Z-vA.B.C-LMN.rpm --nodeps

Then we have to create symbolic links to ensure that the required libraries are found:

sudo ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/
sudo ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/

UaExpert will be installed to /opt/unifiedautomation/uaexpert as default and the installer will check for missing dependencies. The setup will add an entry to the start menu of your distribution.

Remove Linux Version

An installation of UaExpert installed with dpkg can be removed with the following command:

dpkg -r uaexpert

Use the following command to remove UaExpert installed with rpm:

sudo rpm -e uaexpert

Initial Start-Up of UaExpert

When starting UaExpert for the first time, it is necessary to perform some final configuration steps. A dialog window will prompt you to create application instance certificate (see screenshot).


An application instance certificate is needed to create a secure channel, identifying the installation of UaExpert. When clicking OK, a new dialog window will open, collecting the information which is needed to create such a certificate. Fill out the form and confirm with OK. Red crosses indicate that a required field is still empty.

The new application instance certificate is saved in UaExpert’s PKI certificate store. The certificate store management is done with the Certificate Manager.


In the next dialog window, you can choose if and when UaExpert should check whether a more recent version is available (see screenshot).