UaExpert  1.6.2 438
History Trend View

The History Trend View can be used for obtaining historical data for one or more OPC UA Nodes. The received values are displayed in a graphical trend view.

Select a node containing historical data in the Address Space Window and drag and drop it to the configuration section in the History Trend View (see screenshot). There are two ways to configure the time interval for displaying historical data.

Single Update
Specify start time and end time in the respective input fields. When clicking on Update, all available values in this time interval will be displayed in the graph below.
Cyclic Update
Timespan specifies the time interval (format hh:mm:ss) starting from the current time backwards to use for reading historical data. Update Interval defines the rate at which cyclic reads are performed. E.g. when entering 00:05:00 at Timespan and 00:00:01 at Update Interval, UaExpert reads the historical data from the last five minutes repeatedly every second.

Move the mouse pointer on a certain data point in the graph to display the timestamp and the value.

Double-clicking on the color in the configuration table opens a drop-down menu to select another color to display the data values in the graph.

History Trend View