UaExpert  1.6.2 438
Event View

The Event View can be used to subscribe to events and alarms of the OPC UA server. It supports the selection of event fields and can acknowledge and confirm alarms. It also supports reading of historical event data for a given time period.

The Event View contains three main sections: Configuration, Events, and Details. To receive events, drag and drop an object whose EventNotifier attribute is set to SubscribeToEvents to the Configuration section (e.g. the Server object, see screenshot).


To select the event fields you are interested in, expand the tree in the Configuration section and check/uncheck the respective boxes (see screenshot).


Whenever the object fires an event it will be displayed in the Events section. Select an event to display its details in the bottom section of the Event View (see screenshot).


The tabs in the center section allow you to switch between events, alarms, and event history. Use the red cross button to clear and the orange arrows to refresh the list. The refresh only affects alarms and condition based events.

The Alarms tab provides a context menu to acknowledge, confirm, or add a comment to an alarm (see screenshot).