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Working with Projects and Models

Creating/Opening a Project

Before working with UaModeler, you have to create a project. This is described step-by-step in the section HowTo and Short Tutorial.

By default, project files are saved to the user’s home directory and contain the extension tt2pro. To load an existing project file, choose File → Open… from the menu or click on the yellow folder icon.

A graphical representation of the current project is shown in the Project Window. The screenshot below shows the project created in the HowTo (Windows): Create a New Project With a Method. The top node represents the Project itself, beneath it you can find a folder containing the models which have been added to the project and the template set which has been chosen when creating the project.

Project Details

When selecting one of these nodes in the project window, some associated information is displayed in the Attributes Window.

Project Node

When selecting the project node, the Attributes Window shows general project related information.

Name of the project
Name of the file for saving the project
The current template set
The output folder for the generated source code files

To edit these settings, choose Project → Project Settings… from the menu.

Models Folder

This folder contains all Models which have been added to the project.

For each new project, it is necessary to create a project specific model, which will be stored in a separate file (in our case The standard OPC UA Server model as defined in the OPC UA Specification is added automatically.

The blue gear wheel symbol in front of a model node indicates that this model is selected for generating code for this model namespace.

Right-clicking on the Models folder opens a context menu providing the following options.

Adding a Model to a Project
Add Standard Model
Add one of the base models delivered with UaModeler (see Models)
Add Existing Model
Add an existing custom model (e.g. a model which has been created in another project
Add New Model
Add a new custom model; this model will be stored in a separate *.ua file

When selecting a model in the Project Window, the following information is displayed in the Attributes Window, regardless of the template set which has been chosen.

The name of the file for saving the model
The namespace index of the model within the project
The namespace URI of the model

There may be additional attributes (Namespace, Organisation …) which depend on the Template Set.

The following settings can be reached via the context menu:

Generate Namespace/Don’t Generate Namespace
Select/deselect the model for generating code. For each selected model node code will be generated when clicking the blue gear wheel symbol in the tool bar.
Set Model Color
Select the color in which the Nodes of this model are displayed in the Graphics View.
Export XML
Export the model to an XML file compliant with the schema of the OPC Foundation (
Check Consistency
Call the built-in consistency checks for custom models. For more information, see Consistency Check.

TemplateSet Node

The following information is displayed in the attributes window regardless of the template set which has been chosen

The name of the template set
A shor description of the template set, including the version number.

All other information depends on the template set.